Digital Right and Content

In today’s society, big business tries to curtail the rights of the common folk like you and me. On top of all that they make it harder and harder to use the media like Blu-Ray movies on the devices that they deem worthy. What makes matters worse our government lets big business to a point dictate what tech is used. I do commend the law for going after Apple and the Ebook publishers.

I am glad to see Ebooks go down in price. For a A+ book is 33.95 on amazon. When a hard cover is 44.95. How can they charge that much for a electronic copy of a book that is over one thousand pages long. Heck (kid friendly here.) I can see twenty bucks. The author needs to be paid and the distribution network needs to get paid too. In my old job I was one of the cogs that made the ordersfor local news papers.

One thing, I dislike about big business. When new tech like MP3’s came out they were afraid of leaving the CD behind. The advent of better storage MP3 players, carry thousands of songs on an iPod or android phone, even an iPad or tablet.

I do think in the next few years, the ligation going on now will come to a head. The blu-ray format needs an update so that both the consumer and content makers can be safer from piracy. In all the industries, I do not think that there will ever be 100 percent safe from that. Like in an old novel I read in high school If a crazy person wants to get you they will, If you hire me. I will protect you, so they do not get to you. Meaning a pirate will do what ever it takes to get the content and make money off of it no matter what.

I also think our Government should be thinking of ways to create new industries to put the skilled labor force we, have here in the grand ole USA back to work. My old job I had for the better part of nineteen years. I fell short by two months.

Now I have to retrain for another career. I thank God that I am still in my early forties. While working, I had a passion to learn how computers work. As I am writing this post that Ebook, I mention in the opening I am studying to take the A+ exam. That is the first part in a five part plan to get the greatest job in the world for me is internet journalist.

I look up to people Like Robert Heron, Patrick Norton, Veronica Belmont, Jim Lauderback, Leo Laport, Tom Merit and Cali Lewis. They are the Driving force that got me started wanting to be in front of a camera, My son Anthony is my driving force to keep it all going.

Back in my High school years I took the journalism class. Back then if you would have told me that I would be trying to do it for a living. I would have said you are nuts.

Mark From Chicago.

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